GWP’s Peak Savings Program run by Franklin Energy makes it easy to conserve energy on high energy-use days for your facility. We offer multiple solutions, and incentives, for businesses throughout the Glendale area, including a free facility assessment to get us started.

There are ZERO risks, and the enrollment process is EASY:

  1. Complete and submit the quick contact form to the right or call us at 844.323.9083 to get started.
  2. Use this program application as a guide and to speed up your enrollment timeline.
  3. Our team will reach out right away to begin work on a custom demand-reduction plan for your facility, including lighting, thermostat setpoints, and more based on your business type.
  4. Keep in mind: You receive notice of an upcoming event 24 hours or more in advance and no commitment is required during the sign-up process. Rather your commitment can be set after the Peak Event!

To read more about the success of the Peak Savings Program visit our Case Study on BCAL 101 North Brand.

Learn more about the program by visiting our FAQs.