Commercial Program FAQs

Under the Peak Savings Program, participating business customers identify electrical peak load that can be reduced during critical peak demand periods—typically the hottest summer days. This eases the burden on the electrical grid and helps us manage high demand periods while eliminating or delaying the need to build more power plants.

Our commercial and industrial customers with an electric demand of 50 kW that can reduce their electrical load by a minimum of 25 kW or 20% of their peak load (whichever is lower) for an individual account during events can participate in the program. Customers need to enroll as a Peak Savings Partner to participate.

Participating customers can earn a financial incentive for their participation based on the amount of load reduction provided. Additionally, customers will receive a free facility walk-through to assist with identification of peak load reduction (kW) opportunities during called events.

The program launched in April of 2021 and is scheduled to run through December 31, 2024 with a potential renewal thereafter.

The annual Peak Energy Season runs from June through October.

  1. Contact the Program Team or your Account Manager for an introductory visit.
  2. Determine the peak load reduction strategies that work at your facility and your estimated peak load reduction.
  3. Complete the Partner Enrollment Agreement and contact the Program Team to submit.
  4. Peak Savings Program staff will establish your enrollment and send you an enrollment confirmation email.
  5. Participate in a test event to confirm your committed peak load reduction.
  6. Respond to future events to earn your incentive each year.

Yes, you can enroll at any time. The incentive will not be earned until you have had a test event and confirmed your committed peak load reduction. The annual incentive will be prorated.

*Opting out of too many (or stating the quantity) events may disqualify you from the program.

The committed peak load reduction is estimated based on the strategies that you identify on your own or with the help of a site assessment. The estimated peak load reduction will be used for your initial enrollment. Once enrolled, a test event will be run to confirm the committed peak load reduction.

You are responsible for the strategies you would like to implement during an event. We can provide assistance if you desire with a site walk through to help identify strategies.

We use a test event to help confirm what will and won’t work. While strategies vary by facility type, common ways to reduce kW usage include:

  • Pre-cooling & control sequencing for HVAC systems
  • Setting kW thresholds during events for individual equipment through your EMS
  • Reducing lighting in non-key areas
  • Staggering equipment startup / operating times
  • Discontinuing operation on a specific process
  • Delaying battery charging
  • Compressor cycling

Yes, committed peak load reductions may increase or decrease – contact us to discuss your situation or the additional opportunities you have identified and initiate a revision to your commitment.

Great, we encourage you to find additional ways to reduce peak load, but you will only be provided an incentive for the value of your commitment. We may revisit your committed peak load reduction with you to ensure that you are getting fully rewarded for the value of your commitment.

Notifications may be received by email, text, and/or phone call directed to one or more individuals at your organization. During enrollment, you will identify these preferences on your Enrollment Agreement. Once you are enrolled you will be responsible for managing these settings.

Card is issued by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. No cash access or recurring payments. Card valid for up to 6 months; unused funds will forfeit after the valid thru date. Card terms and conditions apply.

Annually, no more than 15 events may be called, each lasting no longer than four hours (depending on your enrollment). There will also be an annual test event outside of the 15 called events each season.

With the Peak Savings Program, an annual incentive of $50 per kW (for four hour program participants) or $25 per kW (for two hour program participants) is earned when a you achieve expected performance during all events.

The Peak Savings Program uses your actual interval meter data to determine your baseline load profile and your actual demand usage during events. Your baseline will be determined considering the 5 highest matching days of the last 10 eligible days (weekends, legal holidays, and previous event days are not eligible). Your calculated baseline will be adjusted so the baseline aligns with the actual day-of-event electric usage profile. This adjusts for weather, production, or other potential factors impacting your peak load.

The earned incentive for the program will be available by check within 60 days after each program season concludes.

For planning purposes, we request that when receiving your event notification, you follow the directions in the notification to “Opt-Out.”

We will reach out to customers to update commitment level and discuss penalties for opt outs.

We can help you identify a level that you can achieve and help you adjust your committed peak load reduction.

Please contact us to update your account. If your committed peak load reduction is too high for you to continue participation, we can work with you to adjust your commitment. Your annual incentive will be prorated based on the number of events that you did participate in.

Partners that wish to participate by manually controlling equipment during an event to achieve peak load reduction do not need any additional equipment or metering installed.

No. All data used for peak load reduction determination will be based on Glendale Water and Power meter data. No additional metering or other costs are required. All peak load reduction strategies are the responsibility of the participant.

Many strategies will be no-cost or low-cost strategies that are easily implemented during an event. More advanced strategies may include system updates, new equipment, or capital improvements. All demand reduction strategies are the responsibility of the Partner.

Call the Program Team at 844.323.9083 or your Account Manager. You can also reach us by email at

No, the program is designed to achieve load reduction rather than replace with additional generation.

If you need to opt-out mid-way through an event, you must contact the Program Team at 844.323.9083 immediately.