Commercial Program FAQs

Participating businesses receive a free onsite energy assessment where energy savings opportunities are identified. The Energy Advisor and Business will work collaboratively to determine the Event Season implementation plan. Businesses either participate in a 2-hour event or a 4-hour event. Peak Savings Events are typically called on the hottest days of the year to help reduce the burden on the electrical grid. Up to 15 events can be called per event season (June through October), each taking place between the hours of 1PM and 8PM PST.

Businesses that have a commercial electric Glendale Water & Power account qualify to participate in the Commercial Peak Savings Program.

Participating businesses receive a free onsite energy assessment and an annual incentive check based on the average kW reduction throughout each Peak Season.

The program runs through December 31, 2024. Peak Savings Events may be called anytime between June and October, between the hours of 1PM and 8PM PST. Up to 15 events can be called per event season.

Send your completed Enrollment Application to the Peak Savings Program team at

Yes, you can enroll at any time. The annual incentive will be paid out at the end of the program year.

The committed kW reduction is estimated based on your business’s performance during your first Peak Savings Event.

You are responsible for the strategies you would like to implement during an event. If you need assistance, we can help identify opportunities during your free onsite assessment.

We estimate your kW commitment based on your business’s performance in the first Peak Savings Event. While strategies vary by facility type, common ways to reduce kW usage include:

  • Pre-cooling & control sequencing for HVAC systems
  • Setting kW thresholds during events for individual equipment through your EMS
  • Reducing lighting in non-key areas
  • Staggering equipment startup / operating times
  • Discontinuing operation on a specific process
  • Delaying battery charging
  • Compressor cycling

Yes, committed kW reductions may increase or decrease prior to the start of the annual Peak Savings Season. Contact us to discuss your situation or the additional opportunities you have identified to initiate a revision to your commitment.

Great, we encourage you to find additional ways to reduce kW. You will be incentivized based on your average reduction during events. If you have negative savings, you will not be penalized but you will not receive an incentive for that event.

Notifications will be received via email by the contacts listed on the Enrollment Application.

No more than 15 events may be called annually. Each event will either last 2- or 4-hours depending on your enrollment commitment. Event lengths are chosen by the business based on how long they can comfortably maintain kW reduction.

Annual incentives will be based on average kW reduction during events. kW reduction incentives will be paid out in a lump sum at the end of the program year.

  • $10/average kW reduction during 2-hour events
  • $15/average kW reduction during 4-hour events

The Peak Savings Program uses your actual interval meter data to determine your baseline load profile and your actual demand usage during events. Your baseline will be determined considering the 5 highest matching days of the last 10 eligible days (weekends, legal holidays, and previous event days are not eligible). Your calculated baseline will be adjusted so the baseline aligns with the actual day-of-event electric usage profile. This adjusts for weather, production, or other potential factors impacting your kW usage.

For planning purposes, we request that when receiving your event notification, you follow the directions in the notification to “Opt-Out.*”

*Opting out of too many events may disqualify you from the program.

Please contact us to update your Peak Savings Program account status. If you participated in events throughout the year prior to unenrolling, you would receive your annual incentive payment at the end of the program year.

No, partners that wish to participate will manually control equipment during an event to help achieve kW reduction.

No, there are no costs to enroll.

Many strategies will be no-cost or low-cost strategies that are easily implemented during an event. More advanced strategies may include system updates, new equipment, or capital improvements. All demand reduction strategies are the responsibility of the partner.

Call the Program Team at 844.323.9083 or your Account Energy Advisor. You can also reach us by email at

No, the program is designed to achieve load reduction rather than support it with additional generation.

If you need to opt-out mid-way through an event, you must contact the Program Team at 844.323.9083 immediately.